Which one of these girls owns a pair of stockings?


Who is the youngest girl you have dated?

Nikki (18 years old)

Can you tell me the name of the only girl who wears earrings?


How many girls have you dated who have blue eyes?

Three (Tiffany, Nikki, Jessie)

Out of these girls, who has the largest cup size?

Kyanna (DD cup)

Which of these girls does not smoke?


Who is the only girl with violet colored eyes?


Which of these girls does not wear lipstick?


Who is the tallest girl you've dated?

Beli (5'11")

Who's birthday arrives latest in the year?

Tiffany (December 22nd)

Out of all the girls you've dated, who is the only one to change her hair color.


Which of these girls weighs the least?

Audrey (102 lbs.)

Which of these pairs of girls are not close friends?

Aiko and Lola

Which of these girls does not wear glasses?


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