• 1337MinerDude94

    Tiffany Nuuuuu

    January 3, 2016 by 1337MinerDude94

    The protagonist acts like a total jerk to Tiff. How? Well, she loves you. She thinks you are the one she wants to be with. YOU LIE TO HER BY SAYING SHE IS THE ONLY ONE YOU ARE SEEING. But you are not just fucking everyone in town...YOU ARE BANGING THE GIRLS THAT SPECIFICALLY KNOW HER! You banged her friends (Audrey + Nik), her part-time boss (Kyanna, Tif is a babysitter), her teacher (Aiko), AND EVEN HER FUCKING MOM! (Jessie) How will she feel after she knows you are banging EVERYONE SHE KNOWS?!

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