Match 3 is a very complicated genre. Preliminary estimates have placed it at 3 difficult: one above match 2, but still one below match 4. Because of this aforementioned difficulty many strategies have been put in place to make it easier to have sex with drunk, barely consenting bundles of pixels.

Cross method (For beginners)Edit

By attempting to sort the gems into a cross you can get the best possible amount of gems in a single move. This method is not however guaranteed to work.

Applied topological method (For pure mathematicians only)Edit

The match three field can be thought of as a graph of weighted nodes. By applying a topological structure that fits the weighted node graph you can find the vertices that can lead to the highest payout with the least possible cost in potential node value (Proof left as an exercise for the reader). With this method you can easily access the sweet feline pussy (Get it, it's bestiality and you're a sick person, so it's funny).

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