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Renee has an hourglass shaped body with large breasts and a voluptuous bottom. She has dark skin and peach colored eyes. Her hair is dyed platinum blonde with a peach ombre and her makeup consists of peach eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. She is always seen wearing a pair of large gold hoop earrings

In her default outfit, called "Creamsicle" and Cream Puff", Renee wears a sleeveless ivory top with a sheer part on the chest revealing her cleavage. Her bottoms appear to be a pair of black pants or shorts with an ivory belt. Her hair is cut short and rests just below her shoulder line.

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"Renee escaped her hometown and moved out west to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She's working her way up; you gotta start somewhere." - Game Description

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Ebony, Thick Ass

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