Promos are a method of advertising the Cam Studio's business, and are considered the most profitable yet expensive way to achieve fans. When a Promo is purchased, the fans earned from the ad revenue are instantaneously added to the fan count. Each day, Promos reset and reappear in numbers depending on how much investment has been made into the Advertising aspect. Promos grow more expensive and will quickly outpace an unwary player, which makes purchasing every ad each day difficult.

Anal Edit

Hole Lotta Fun

Sodomy Sundae

Forbiden Cavern

Asian Edit

Sakura Spirits

Yellow Plague

Orient Allure

Bondage Edit

Closet Freaks

Unconventional Desires

The Kink Kings

Cake Farting Edit

Sweet Breezers

Frosted Flatulence

The Confectionary

Chubby Edit

Sexy At Any Size

A Little Extra Lovin'

BB Dub N' Chub

Ebony Edit

Afreak Nation

Sexy Sistas

Hot Chocolate Love

Fit Edit

Bangin' Bodies

Sweaty Selfies

Girls' Locker Room

Flat Chest Edit

Swan Lake

A-Cup Cuties

Petite Pleasures

Furry Edit



We Like it Ruff

Glasses Edit

Foggy Lenses

Four Eyed Fantasy

I <3 Nerd Girls

Huge Tits Edit

Lusties Busties

The Dairy Aisle

Tits for Days

Latina Edit

Fornication Fiesta

Luscious Latinas

Chica Putas


Cougar Confessions

Mommy Knows Best

Mrs. Johnson's Home

Squirting Edit

Tuna Smoothie

Girls Nut Too

Milky Pink Pie

Tattoos Edit

Alt-Core Culture

Bad Ass Bitches

Homicide Girls

Teen Edit

Sorority Secrets

Barely Legal Babies

Babysitter's Bedpost

Thick Ass Edit

Trunk Junkies

Booty Booty Booty

Ass Aficionado

Water Sports Edit

Pee Pee Paradise

Lemonade Stand

H 2 Ho