Physical Description Edit

Nadia has a curved body with large breasts. She has light skin and blue eyes with a beauty mark above her lip in the left side of her face. She has brown (slightly auburn) hair and she wears shadowy black eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. She also sports a medium sized tattoo of a butterfly on her left thigh.

In Nadia's default outfit, called "Classy" and "Glamorous", she wears a sparkling, black, strapless dress that has a slit going all the way up to the left side of her hip and a pair of white gloves that end just below her elbow. Her long brown hair is parted to the left, with a gentle wave, and falls just above her hips.

Personality Edit

"Nadia is a self described Russian sex goddess who used to provide sadistic and domineering escorting services to wealthy European men."  - Game Description

"Meet Nadia. She’s really into kink. Or at least she pretends to be for those sweet tokens. Either way, we’ll take it." - HuniePotDev via Twitter

History Edit


Relationships Edit

Children Edit

Nadia falls under the category of MILF in the game which suggests she is a mother. But there are no other indications of her family life.

Statistics Edit

Initial Style Level: Edit


Initial Talent Level: Edit


Initial Pay Rate: Edit


Fetishes: Edit

MILF, Tattoos

Smokes: Edit


Drinks: Edit


Trivia Edit

  • In her default outfit, Nadia slightly resembles Disney's Jessica Rabbit.
  • She is one of nine characters whose hair extends further down the shoulders. Others are Tiffany, Sarah, Kyanna, Beli, Lillian, Lailani, Marlena and Audrey.
  • She is one of three characters that have at least one known tattoo. Two others are Lillian and Nora.
  • She is the second known European girl. The other is Audrey, being French.
  • She is one of five characters to have blue eyes. Others are Tiffany, Jessie, Nikki and Nora.
  • She is one of four characters to have brown hair. Others are Brooke, Lola and Nora.
  • She is one of three characters in the "MILF" category. The other two are Jessie and Brooke.
  • She is the third oldest human girl in the series. The first is Brooke, the second is Jessie, and the fourth is Marlena.

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