Greeting Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

  • "Oh! I'm glad you're here master!"

Evening Edit

Night Edit

  • "*yawn* I'm pooped... Is it bed time yet?"
  • "Hi! I missed you today!"

Leaving Edit

  • "Awwwwww, come and see me later okay?"
  • "Mmm, ok miss you."
  • "Night night!"
  • "Take care ok?"
  • "Kay, have a super good day."
  • "See ya later alligater."
  • "Bye bye!"
  • "Bye I'll be dreaming of you."
  • "Kisses!"

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

Night Edit

Gifts Edit

Accepting "Liked" Gifts Edit

  • "You're the bestest!"
  • "Awww! You spoil me too much!"
  • "Can I really have it? Can I, can I?"
  • "You didn't have to do that for me."
  • "It's really pretty."
  • "Thank you, thank you!"


Accepting "Loved" Gifts Edit

  • "Thank you soooo much Master!"
  • "Yay! I love fishies!"
  • "I'm gonna have the bestest fish tank in the whole world!"


Accepting "Unique" Gifts Edit

  • "Really? Thank you! What did I do to deserve it?"
  • "Oh my man! Yes! I love these!"
  • "It's the perfectest gift ever! How'd you know?"


Rejecting Gifts Edit

  • "Oh uhhh....did you mean that for someone else?"
  • "That's ok, you keep it!"
  • "Mmmm...I'm not really sure what to do with that.."


Food Edit

Accepting Veggie Items Edit

  • "Yummy!"
  • "Thanks for feeding me!"
  • "Veggies are sooo tasty!"


Accepting Dessert Items Edit

  • "What a treat!"
  • "It's super duper good!"
  • "Delicious!"


Rejecting food Edit

  • "Ewww, that smells funny"
  • "Kitties can't eat that, you silly!"
  • "Bleh!"

When Full Edit

  • "Ugghhh, I don't feel very good...."
  • "My tummy hurts.."
  • "I don't think I can eat anymore..."

When Hungry Edit

  • "My tummy is growling. I think it's mad at me.."
  • "Mmmmm..... I'm hungry.."
  • "Master, When are we going to eat? Huh?"

Alcohol Edit

Accepting Alcohol Edit

  • "What is it? Do you drink it?"
  • "Am i supposed to have this?"
  • "Sure, if you say it's okay."

Rejecting Alcohol Edit

When Drunk Edit

  • "Whooooaa...I feel fuzzy..."
  • "I think that juice is making me sleepy..."
  • "Master, how come there's two of you?"

When Hungry Edit

  • "I don't want that. I want some foooood!"
  • "Nooooo! Feed me first!"
  • "I'm not thirsty, I'm hungry!"

Before Sex Edit

  • "Master, you make me so happy all the time. I wanna make you happy too."
  • "I think I know what to do...I saw pictures in those books you have under your bed."
  • "Master, my bottom is getting all sticky..."

After Sex Edit

  • "Hey, sleepyhead! Get out of bed!"
  • "Good morning, I like seeing your face when I wake up."
  • " it morning already?"

Date Edit

Matching Four/Five Tokens Edit

  • "Hehehehehehe!"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens Edit

  • "What did I do wrong?"
  • "Master, why?"
  • "Hey! That's not very nice!"

Giving a Date Gift Edit

  • "Thank you!"
  • "I love it!"
  • "It's soooo cute!"
  • "I'll cherish it."
  • "You got this for me?!"

Rejecting a Date Gift Edit

  • "Master, I don't think you can do that right now."

Completing Date Edit

  • "That was the Bestestest!"
  • "Thank you for treating me out, master!"
  • "Dating is really fun! I can't wait to go out again!"
  • "Wow! You are really, really, really good at this!"
  • "Master, I'm so happy when you spend time with me."
  • "Yeah!"

Completing Night Date Edit

  • "Master, can take me home now."
  • "I feel really warm I wanna hug you a whole lot."
  • "Let's go back home. I have a surprise I wanna show you."

Failing Date Edit

  • "Master, are you playing a trick on me? That's not very nice!"
  • "Should I go? Do you not want me here?"
  • "I'm confused...I thought you said dating was fun."
  • "What? Awww...but-but how come?"
  • "What's that phrase? Oh yeah, you really need to work on your game, master."
  • "Awww, you'll do it next time. I believe in you!"

Pre-Date Quotes Edit

Accepting Date Edit

  • "Yeah! Date time!"
  • "Okay, come on! I'll race you there!"
  • "Yay! Can we go right now? Pleeeease?"
  • "Let's go! I'll lead the way."
  • "Mmm hmm, what are we waiting for?"
  • "A date with my master? Yes, of course!"

Full Inventory Edit

  • "Oh! Master, your inventory has too many stuffs in it! You gotta throw some away!"
Location Quote
Botanical Garden "Wow! Look at all these flowers!"
Corkscrew Carnival "Yay! I wanna play the fishy game! Come on!"
Farmer's Market "Awesome! They have all my favorites here!"
Gold Falls Casino "What did that man mean when he asked for my...ID?"
Hiking Trail "Yes! I can run around here all I want!"
Hot Springs "Oh sorry, there's just a lot of water here."
Ice Rink "Uhh...can you help me put my skates on?"
Outdoor Lounge "Mmmmm...I'm so happy to be here with you, master."
Scenic Overlook "It's so pretty up here! Thanks for taking me here."
Tennis Courts "Wait, I don't get it...why aren't you supposed to chase the ball again?"
Vinnie's Restaurant "Oooooo! I want dessert first and second and third!"
Water Park "Make sure my ears don't get wet. I really freaks me out."