Cutscenes Edit

Meeting Jessie Edit

  • "Hey lover! Just got in a couple days ago. Missed you!"
  • *giggles* "Of course! What was I thinking? I'm sorry honey, won't happen again."
  • "How've you been my darling? Staying out of trouble?"
  • *giggles* "Sooo, I take it work is good?"
  • "Ugh...Where do I start?"
  • "Ahhhh, I'd love too..."
  • "Yeah, I've got an early day tomorrow. I just stopped in for a second."
  • "Raincheck. I'll call you later this week; girls night out, all the way."
  • "Love you baby! Mwah!"

Meeting Lola Edit

Greeting Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

  • "Hello, Handsome."

Night Edit

Leaving Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

Night Edit

Gifts Edit

Accepting "Liked" Gifts Edit

  • "What a nice thing for you to do. Thanks!"

Accepting "Loved" Gifts Edit

Accepting "Unique" Gifts Edit

  • "Are you sure? This is amazing!"

Rejecting Gifts Edit

Food Edit

Accepting Breakfast Edit

Accepting Fruit Edit

  • "Delicious! You couldn't ask for a better snack."

Rejecting Food Edit

When Full Edit

When Hungry Edit

Alcohol Edit

Accepting Drink Edit

Rejecting Drink Edit

When Drunk Edit

When Hungry Edit

Before Sex Edit

  • "Drop 'em! Let's see what you've got!"

After Sex Edit

Date Edit

Matching Four/Five Tokens Edit

  • "You're good!"
  • "Excellent!"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens Edit

  • "Don't be a dick!"
  • "What's the matter with you?"
  • "That's not funny!"

Giving a Date Gift Edit

Rejecting a Date Gift Edit

Completing Date Edit

Completing Night Date Edit

Failing Date Edit

  • "If you're going to ask a girl out you should at least be prepared."

Pre-Date Quotes Edit

Accepting a Date Edit

Full Inventory Edit

Huniecam Studio Quotes Edit

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