Cutscenes Edit

Meeting Jessie Edit

  • "Hey lover! Just got in a couple days ago. Missed you!"
  • *giggles* "Of course! What was I thinking? I'm sorry honey, won't happen again."
  • "How've you been my darling? Staying out of trouble?"
  • *giggles* "Sooo, I take it work is good?"
  • "Ugh...Where do I start?"
  • "Ahhhh, I'd love too..."
  • "Yeah, I've got an early day tomorrow. I just stopped in for a second."
  • "Raincheck. I'll call you later this week; girls night out, all the way."
  • "Love you baby! Mwah!"

Meeting Lola Edit

Greeting Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

  • "Hello, Handsome."

Night Edit

Leaving Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

Night Edit

Gifts Edit

Accepting "Liked" Gifts Edit

Accepting "Loved" Gifts Edit

Accepting "Unique" Gifts Edit

Rejecting Gifts Edit

Food Edit

Accepting Breakfast Edit

Accepting Fruit Edit

Rejecting Food Edit

When Full Edit

When Hungry Edit

Alcohol Edit

Accepting Drink Edit

Rejecting Drink Edit

When Drunk Edit

When Hungry Edit

Before Sex Edit

  • "Drop 'em! Let's see what you've got!"

After Sex Edit

Date Edit

Matching Four/Five Tokens Edit

  • "You're good!"
  • "Excellent!"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens Edit

  • "Don't be a dick!"
  • "What's the matter with you?"
  • "That's not funny!"

Giving a Date Gift Edit

Rejecting a Date Gift Edit

Completing Date Edit

Completing Night Date Edit

Failing Date Edit

  • "If you're going to ask a girl out you should at least be prepared."

Pre-Date Quotes Edit

Accepting a Date Edit

Full Inventory Edit

Huniecam Studio Quotes Edit

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