The Lilac Perfume increases the amount of Broken Heart tokens for the remainder of the date and is one of the few date gifts that concern the said tokens, which the player normally tries to avoid. While somewhat a high-risk item, the Lilac Perfume synergizes with all plushies and other items that benefit from having a large amount of Broken Heart tokens on the grid:

  • Stuffed Sheep grants +1 Passion level for every 2 Broken Hearts.
  • Stuffed bear
  • Stuffed Monkey grants +2% of total Affection goal for every Broken Heart token on the grid.
  • Hoop Earrings grant one move for every 2 Broken Hearts.
  • Playing Peep Toe Heels makes the next Broken Heart token match count as a Passion token match instead.

All broken Hearts can be removed from the grid with four items:

  • Stuffed Bear converts all Broken Hearts into Passion tokens.
  • Stuffed Whale converts all Broken Hearts into Sentiment tokens.
  • Stuffed Penguin converts all Broken Heart tokens into Joy tokens.
  • Stuffed Cat remove all Broken Hearts from the grid without granting any other benefits.

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