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HunieCam StudioEdit

Lailani has a thin, lithe, body with small breasts. She has dark tanned skin with gold eyes. She has black hair and the only makeup she wears is gold eyeshadow.

In her default outfit, called "Island Girl" and "Beach Sarong", Lailani wears a purple Hawaiian sarong wrap dress with yellow/orange flowers on it. Her long hair is left down with a Flower tucked by her left ear.

HuniePop 2Edit

Her default appearance remains relatively the same except her dress is more of a paler purple with zebra stripe decals replacing the yellow/orange flowers.

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HunieCam StudioEdit

"Lailani moved from the pacific to get away from her strict family and live by her rules. She acts shy but she knows what she's doing."  - Huniecam Studio Description

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"Announcing: Lailani! The island girl made it into the island game? What are the chances!?

Lailani’s an Inna De Poona native who works for the largest resort hotel on the island. She’s super sweet and sensitive so you better be fucking nice to her!" - HunieDev via a tweet

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Not much is know about her family save for the fact that she moved to get away from their strict authority (HunieCam Studio).

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Asian, Flat Chest

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  • Despite being in the "Asian" category in HunieCam, Lailani is a Pacific Islander, which is a separate racial category from Asian.
    • This was corrected in HuniePop 2.
  • She is the second girl to have an outfit named "Native Chic". The other is Beli.
  • Even though she never drinks the artwork shows that she's holding a cocktail glass