Greeting Edit

Morning Edit

  • "Good morning! Ready to get to work?"

Afternoon Edit

  • “Oh, hi, didn't see you there. How's things?”

Evening Edit

Night Edit

  • "Ohh shiiiit! You're here too? Cool man!"
  • "Oh my god! Hi!"

Leaving Edit

Morning Edit

Afternoon Edit

Evening Edit

  • "Sounds cool, have a good one."

Night Edit

Gifts Edit

Accepting "Liked" Gifts Edit

Yoga Edit

  • "So nice of you!"
  • "I really appreciate the thought!"
  • "I've been meaning to get a new one of these."

Dancer Edit

  • "Thanks so much!"
  • "This is seriously awesome!"
  • "Aww, you didn't have to go through the trouble."

Accepting "Loved" Gifts Edit

  • "What are you trying to say? Just kidding, thanks!"
  • "Now this is a guy/girl who understands me."
  • "Thanks! I can't wait to test it out!"

Accepting "Unique" Gifts Edit

  • "Aw dude! This is so cool!"
  • "Get the fuck out of town! Really!?"
  • "Whoa! I have been looking everywhere for this!"

Rejecting Gifts Edit

  • "That's not really my deal. You know?"
  • "I'm not really into that type of thing..."
  • "Uh...not really my style, but thanks for the thought."

Food Edit

Accepting Veggie Items Edit

  • "Good and good for you!"
  • "Is it weird that I like veggies so much?"
  • "Oh my god! So tasty!"

Accepting Breakfast Items Edit

  • "Ah dude, that hit the spot!"
  • "Thanks, I was running a little low on fuel."
  • "Delicious!"

Rejecting Food Edit

  • "Nah dude, that stuff goes right to your hips."
  • "I'm on a pretty strict diet."
  • "It's tempting...but I think I'm gonna pass."

When Full Edit

  • "No I couldn't, seriously I'm done for..."
  • "Ughh...not unless you want it all over your shirt."
  • "I should have stopped while I was ahead..."

When Hungry Edit

  • "Yo, you hungry? I know I am."
  • "It feels like I haven't eaten anything in like a hundred and fifty years!"
  • "I'm starving over here! Let's go eat like anything, like everything!"

Alcohol Edit

Accepting Alcohol Edit

  • "Having you around is turning out to be pretty useful."
  • "Oh boy...looks like the babysitter's staying late tonight."
  • "Sure, one more couldn't hurt."
  • "Wow...okay...that was pretty strong."
  • "Ahhhhh...this is more like it."

Rejecting Alcohol Edit

  • "Alright alky. a little too soon for that, no?"
  • " we need to get you some professional help?"
  • "I'm cool for now. maybe later."

When Drunk Edit

  • "I think I'm pretty set, but thanks."
  • "You already won man. I'm wasted."

When Hungry Edit

  • "I'm not gonna drink on an empty stomach."
  • "Umm...sorry, but I have to get some food first."
  • "I'm way too hungry to think about that."

Before Sex Edit

  • "It's been a while. I'm a little nervous... but I'm excited."
  • "Come on... quit staring at me like that... It's embarrasing..."
  • "Sooo... Watcha wanna do?"

After Sex Edit

  • "Uhhhh...hi."
  • "Morning! Thanks for letting me stay over last night!"
  • "Okay, we definitely have to do that again! Soon!"

Date Edit

Matching Four/Five Tokens Edit

  • Right on!”
  • "Dude, seriously right now?"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens Edit

  • "Hey! Cut that out!"
  • "Dude, seriously right now?"
  • "Shit!"

Giving a Date Gift Edit

  • "Thanks man!"
  • "Awww, cute!"
  • "I really appreciate it."
  • "You shouldn't have!"
  • "That's really sweet of you!"

Rejecting a Date Gift Edit

  • "I'm sure you can see why that's not the best idea right now."

Completing Date Edit

  • "We should def do that again! Like super soon!"
  • "That was so awesome! Thanks for asking me out!"
  • "I gotta admit, I wasn't too sure about you at first."
  • "Before we leave I wanna post a pic of us. My friends are gonna be so jell!"
  • "So fun! I had no idea this place could be such a great time!"
  • "Did you take an awesome class or something? Where did you learn to be so awesome?"

Completing Night Date Edit

  • "I gotta call my babysitter...because I don't think I'm coming home tonight."
  • "Hey! wanna...maybe move this party...back to your place?"
  • "Come on dude, I'm not going to invite myself over."

Failing Date Edit

  • "Ewww! Just no!"
  • "That's just great...can we go now?"
  • "I think I deserve I little better than that don't you?"
  • "You really don't seem like yourself today..."
  • "I'm tired, let's go...maybe we can try again another day?"
  • "I can't believe I missed a workout getting ready for this!"

Pre-Date Quotes Edit

Accepting Date Edit

  • "Yes! I was afraid you weren't going to ask!"
  • "For real? Yes! Just give me a second to get ready."
  • "Of course! What are we waiting for?!"
  • "Yeah, okay. Sounds like a blast!"
  • "I'd love to! Let's make it happen!"
  • "I think that's an awesome idea! You ready?"

Full Inventory Edit

  • "Uhhh...dude? Your inventory is packed to the brim. You should make some room in there."
Location Quote
Botanical Garden "Aww, this is so cute! What a neat idea!"
Corkscrew Carnival "I'm really excited! I don't usually get to go out like this since my son!"
Farmer's Market “Thanks for inviting me out! Such a nice day for the market.”
Gold Falls Casino "I'm not usually one to gamble...but, we'll see how this goes."
Hiking Trail "It's so cool that you like to hike too!"
Hot Springs "Hey! You just wanted to see me in a bikini. Didn't you."
Ice Rink "Skating is like my favorite thing ever! This is gonna to be so much fun!"
Outdoor Lounge "Oh man...alright, I'm seduced already."
Scenic Overlook "I'm glad you asked me out. This is beautiful!"
Tennis Courts "This is the kind of date I can get behind! You ready to be emasculated/crushed?"
Vinnie's Restaurant "I'll tell you one thing; this is certainly nicer than lunch at the food court."
Water Park "Aight, let's hurry! I don't want to be stuck in long lines all day."

HunieCam Studio Quotes Edit

When Hired Edit

  • "I'll do my best."

When Recruited Edit

  • "Sweet."

When Checking Her Profile Edit

  • “How we doin’?”
  • “What’s up?”
  • “Hey boss.”

When Giving Her an Item Edit

  • "Awesome."
  • "Thanks."

When Making Her Work Edit

  • “I’m on it!”
  • “No sweat.”
  • “Will do.”

When Completing a Task Edit

  • “Easy peasy.”
  • “Annnd, done.”
  • “Piece of cake.”

When Stressed/ Building is Full Edit

  • "I don't think so."
  • "Huh?"

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