"Hiiii! My name is Kyanna! At 21 years, I’m the oldest sibling in my family out of two brothers and three sisters. I work part time as a hairdresser, but I spend most of my time at the gym getting super fabulous. I like to keep fit and stay pretty, because one day, I’m going to be a famous celebrity. Bet on it!"
Original Intro

Physical descriptionEdit

Kyanna bears an immaculate and curvaceous build with large breasts. She has violet eyes to match her black hair that extends to her hips, also wearing a white headband on top of her hair. In her usual attire, she has gold, heart-shaped earrings in between the front and back layers of her hair. She wears a pale blue tank top with darker blue horizontal stripes, and wears short, navy blue pants. She wears black nail polish on her fingers and toes


"Kyanna is a hair stylist at the salon in the mall. She's obsessed with beauty and body image, spending most of her free time at the gym. She's loyal and protective of her friends, but get on her bad side and things change quickly. Growing up with only brothers, she's a bit of a tomboy. Kyanna is the mother to a one year old baby. She got knocked up a year ago but the father is not in either of their lives. As such, she values honesty, responsibility and stability." -Game Description

“Kyanna is a fitness buff who’s looking for a fun way to provide for her family that ideally makes a lot more money than hairdressing.” - HunieCam Studio Bio


Kyanna is a hairdresser and stylist at the beauty shop in the mall, but she dreams of becoming a famous actress, singer and dancer. As a result, she is obsessed with beauty and body image. She spends most of her free time working out at the gym and doesn't miss one of Beli’s yoga classes. While she can be a bit vain at times, she is loyal to a fault and very protective of her family and friends.

She has a one year old son named Philip, though it's unclear what happened to the father of Kyanna's child, whether he left when she was pregnant, or if he died, Kyu only said he wasn't in their lives and that Kyanna never talked much about him and only mentioned her son Phillip a few times during dates, and it's unclear whether her relationship with her son's father was serious or not. But she did get upset when Audrey insulted her saying "Why don't you go, and get knocked up again!?" and called her a whore.

She dropped out of high school sometime in her life. While fans speculated she left high school because she got pregnant, that isn't the case as she is twenty-one and her son is a year old and she met her son's father at twenty, so she left high school for unknown reasons.

Relationship Edit


Though they're not shown together that often, Kyanna and Audrey despise each other deeply. Kyanna usually dresses Audrey's hair but Audrey is never satisfied with the results and insults her. Ironically, Audrey and Kyanna are seen together enjoying themselves in the digital art collection, though its possible they fake getting along with when they are around each others friends.

Tiffany Edit

Tiffany and Kyanna get along well. Tiffany loves Kyanna's son Philip and babysits him on a whim when Kyanna has business to attend to. Tiffany refuses to accept the money Kyanna offers for her kindness in a playful manner then leaves the gym, nothing else is known about their relationship.

Beli Edit

Kyanna gets along with Beli as they both enjoy doing Yoga classes. She is said that Beli is awesome while talking to the player.

HunieCam Statistics Edit

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Latina, Thick Ass

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Trivia Edit

  • HuniePotDev has stated on his Twitter, that Kyanna was named after "My friend's ex-girlfriend's smoking hot cousin. Weird, right?".
  • Kyanna is the only character of all twelve to wear earrings.
  • Kyanna can be depicted as a tomboy, as said about her in her game description: "Growing up with only brothers, she's a bit of a tomboy.". She was partly influenced by the behavior of her younger brothers, causing her to occasionally behave in the way a typical boy would. Traits of this are shown when she says "yo", "dude" or "man".
    • Kyanna, with her one-year son Phillip, is one of the two characters who are mothers. The other is Jessie with TiffanyBrooke and Nadia are possible mothers, as they are in the "MILF" fetish in HunieCam Studio.
      • Another interesting fact is Kyanna and Jessie both dropped out of high school for various reasons (Jessie had to take care of Tiffany, but Kyanna's reason is unknown, though it is most likely for the same reason).
  • Kyanna appears in the game HunieCam Studio, another game developed by HuniePot.
    • Kyanna is one of eight characters to return in HunieCam Studio. The other seven are Jessie, Lola, Audrey, Beli, Aiko, Nikki, and Tiffany.
  • Along with Audrey's voice actress Brittany Lauda, Hayden Daviau is one of the voice actresses in this game to be involved in Yandere Simulator, voicing Kokona Haruka (some videos) and Saki Miyu (actual game).
  • According to Kyu, Kyanna's panties are the stinkiest to obtain in the game. (This could be because she is almost constantly working out or playing sports, causing her to sweat much more than the other girls.)
  • She becomes the Latina category in HunieCam Studio.
  • Kyanna is the only character in Huniecam Studio that didn't dropout of her original occupation
  • When Kyanna asks the question "Are you the kind of person who takes responsibility for their actions?" and if the Player gets the question correct, Kyanna will respond with "unfortunately, I haven't met many people like that." This may reference the possibility that the father of her child may have made a commitment, but left her whilst she was pregnant, or perhaps sometime after, though this is still left unconfirmed.

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