You can give the girls their favorite type of alcohol to help you with your dating success.

Drinks Edit

Name Image Alcohol Value: Description Cost Favored by:
Beer Beer 2 A classic light beer; just to get loosened up a little bit. 200 Nikki
Champagne Champ 3 A fancy sparkling wine that's usually only reserved for special occasions. 300 Celeste
Cocktail Cocktail 5 A sweet drink made with lime juice, cranberries, and crushed ice. 500 Lola
Daiquiri Daiq 4 A mixed slushie-like drink with a kick of strawberry flavor. 400 Audrey
Lemon Drop Lemon 4 A sour vodka drink that's mixed with lemon juice and sugar. 400 Tiffany
Lime Margarita Lime 4 A mixed drink of tequila mixed with sugar and citrus lime juice. 400 Momo
Martini Martini 5 A classic cocktail made from gin and garnished with an olive. 500 Jessie
Mojito Mojito 4 A rum-based drink mixed with sugar, club soda, and mint leaves. 400 Kyu
Piña Colada Pina 3 A special cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice, and coconut. 300 Kyanna
Saké Sake 2 An alcoholic beverage from Japan made from fermented rice. 200 Aiko
Whisky Whiskey 6 Straight-up whiskey on the rocks; for the heavy drinkers. 600 Venus
Wine Wine 3 How the classy and sophisticated opt to get blasted. 300 Beli