Approximately how old is your planet earth?

4,500,000,000 years.

As far as we all know, what event began the universe?

Big Bang

How many moons does your planet Saturn have?


Roughly how many miles does light travel in one earth calendar year?

6 Trillion

What are stars vastly made up of, more than anything else?


What is a supernova?

An exploding star.

What is the approximate distance from your planet to it's moon?

238,900 miles

What is the largest planet in your solar system?


What is the name of the spiral galaxy nearest the Milky Way?

Andromeda Galaxy

What is the name of your planet Saturn's largest moon?


What is the smallest planet in your solar system?


What type of star is your planet's sun?

Yellow dwarf

Which of these objects is made partly of ice?


Which planet in your solar system is the most dense?


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