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Brooke has a medium build with large (fake) breasts. She has light skin and olive green eyes. Brooke always wears her thick brimmed square glasses and blue drop earrings. Her makeup consists of black/navy eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

In her default outfit called "Independent" and "Professional", Brooke wears a blue blazer on top of a white button down shirt which is cut very low, leaving her cleavage exposed, and below that is a black pencil skirt. She wears her light brown hair in a ponytail with her bangs parted to the left.

Personality Edit

"Brooke is a wife, mother and business woman who seeks out attention online from young men because her boring husband leaves her drier than a desert."  - Game Description

Brooke is a 40 year old wife and mother who's had so much surgery she's almost more plastic than human. She married a rich beta and uses his money for her expensive procedures. Since her pathetic husband leaves her drier than a desert she sneaks online and flashes her reconstructed box for the thrill of being lusted after by all the boys.

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Relationships Edit

  • Her Husband

Brooke seems to have no romantic feelings for her husband and it is implied she only married him for his money. It is obvious her sexual needs are not being met by him, so she has turned to the internet to satisfy her needs.

  • Children

It is implied in her Game description that she has a child or children but it is not known how she feels about them.

  • The Player (HunieCam Studio)

Brooke implicitly found common ground with the HunieCam protagonist due to their affiliations with business, causing them to get along well with her occasionally asking them how business is.

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MILF, Glasses

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Trivia Edit

  • She is voiced by Brittany Lauda, who is also Audrey's voice actress.
  • She is the oldest human girl in the series, and is the third oldest girl in the series. The first is Venus, the second is Kyu, the third is Brooke, the fourth is Jessie, the fifth is Nadia, and the sixth is Marlena.