Greeting  Edit

Morning Edit

  • Good morning!
  • Today is going to be a good day.
  • Hi! Beautiful morning, isn't it?

Afternoon Edit

  • Hello again. How's your day going?
  • Hey! I'm glad I ran into you.
  • "Enjoying the great weather today?"

Evening Edit

  • So good to see you!
  • Oh, hi! What a pleasant surprise!
  • Such a peaceful night tonight...

Night Edit

  • Wow. I didn't expect to run into anybody here.
  • Ohhh! Sorry, sorry. You scared me for a second.

Leaving Edit

Morning Edit

  • Take care out there, okay?
  • Yes! Time to get this day underway.
  • Have a great day!

Afternoon Edit

  • Until next time!
  • I hope to see you soon!
  • Enjoy!

Evening Edit

  • Buh-bye!
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Have a pleasant night.

Night Edit

  • Alright, rest easy!
  • Sleep well!
  • Good night!

Questions Edit

Player's Question Edit

Before Asking Edit

  • What can I do for you?
  • I get the sense something's on your mind.
  • You look like you have something to say...

Answering Edit

  • *giggles* "I was wondering about that. My last name is Lapran."
  • "I'll be turning twenty-four soon, but at the moment I'm twenty-three."
  • "I started in law but I lost interest. I only came out with a two year degree."
  • "Just one inch shy of six feet. I'm pretty tall for a girl I know."
  • "Well, I'm a hundred and thirty-two pounds, but I'm trying to diet!"
  • "I'm a yoga instructor at the fitness center. I've been practicing for years."
  • "My cup size? Oh, wow... Umm, D. *giggles* That's so embarrassing!"
  • "My birthday is the twenty-fifth of June. Yes sir/ma'am."
  • "I know some people think it's weird, but I do meditation. It really helps clear my mind."
  • "Purple, it's the color of my favorite flower. The lilac."
  • "I've always loved Autumn. It's such a pretty season."
  • "You know, I really enjoy spending time at the park, I notice."

Already Asked Edit

  • "I don't mean to be rude, but I think you've asked that before."
  • "Deja vu, did you already ask me that?"
  • "I've already told you. Nope, you have to remember." *giggles*

Gifts Edit

Accepting "Liked" Gifts Edit

Sports Edit

  • You're sure? That's so kind of you!
  • I can't believe you bought this for me! How nice is that?
  • I feel bad; I never have anything for you.

Garden Edit

  • You're too much! I'll have to remember to get you something nice.
  • I'm not even sure how to express my gratitude.
  • Hmmm? A gift!? You didn't have to do that!

Accepting "Loved" Gifts Edit

  • I can't tell you how much this means!
  • Ohhh! This is perfect for my studio!
  • This is exactly what I was looking for! You've read my mind.

Accepting "Unique" Gifts Edit

  • My collection was missing this! Thank you!
  • Thanks! Really, I mean it! I love things like this.

Rejecting Gifts Edit

  • I really appreciate the gesture, but it's just not for me.
  • I wouldn't know what to do with this. I hope you didn't go through much trouble!
  • I'm really sorry, but I don't think I would get much use out of that.

Food Edit

Accepting Junk Items Edit

  • "Maybe I'll just have a bite... or two."
  • "Oh, god. I'm so weak... Mmm, but it's soooo good."
  • "I had a light breakfast so, I'm sure it's okay."

Accepting Veggie Items Edit

  • "Yummy!"
  • "Mmmm, I should really eat more of these."
  • "Sure, I could go for a quick snack."

Rejecting Food Edit

  • "You go ahead, that's not really my type of thing."
  • "No, no, no! I wouldn't want to eat all your food."
  • "That's okay, but thank you for offering!"

When Full Edit

  • "Ughhh, no... no thanks..."
  • "I'm not... feeling too hot. Maybe later."
  • "Mnnn, I've had too much already. Sorry."

When Hungry Edit

  • "I feel like I can't remember the last time I've eaten."
  • "Hmm, I'm hungry. Do you want to maybe grab something to eat?"
  • "I think my tummy is speaking to me. It says: feed me!" *giggles*

Alcohol Edit

Accepting Alcohol Edit

  • Uhhh, okay. But, make sure I don't drink too much.
  • Oh, thank you!
  • Alright, just to loosen up a little.
  • I'm not a big drinker... buuut, okay!
  • Well, as long as you already paid for it. *giggles*

Rejecting Alcohol Edit

  • I'm not sure that's very appropriate right now...
  • I'm surprised at you. There's a time and place for that.
  • Thanks, but I'm really not a heavy drinker.

When Drunk Edit

  • I'm throwing in the towel...
  • I'm done...
  • Am I drunk?
  • I think I may have gotten carried away again.
  • (hiccup) *giggles*

When Hungry Edit

  • I think it's bad to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, right?
  • I'll think about it... after I get the chance to eat something.
  • I'm too hungry at the moment to thinking about that.

Before Sex Edit

  • This is so embarrassing... *giggles*
  • Uh... I hope you like it. I'm not very experienced.
  • Let's take it nice and slow... okay?

After Sex Edit

  • Your bed is like a dream. I feel so rested and relaxed.
  • Hey... ummmmm, last night was... I don't know... I don't even have words for it...
  • Good morning...

Date Edit

Matching Four/Five Tokens Edit

  • "Wow!"
  • "Hahahaha!"
  • "Oh my!"
  • "Wonderful!"
  • "Excellent!"

Matching Heartbreak Tokens Edit

  • "That wasn't very nice!"
  • *gasps* "Why!?"
  • "Could you PLEASE not do that?"

Giving a Date Gift Edit

  • Thank you! Really!
  • It's lovely!
  • It's too much!
  • Are you sure?
  • I'm not sure what to say!

Rejecting a Date Gift Edit

  • Oops, sorry. I don't think it's the best time for that.

Completing Date Edit

  • Thank you so much. Everything was just perfect!
  • I had wonderful time. Thank you for inviting me.
  • That was such a nice date. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
  • Wonderful! Let's do this again soon, okay?
  • I'm so pleased! I hope we can go out like this again.
  • It was really very nice of you to take me out like this. I'm so pleased!

Completing Night Date Edit

  • I don't have anywhere else to be tonight... if you wanted to, maybe, do something else?
  • Ummm, I'm not really sure how to ask this... but, can we head back to your room?
  • I... don't think I'm going home tonight. I mean, if that's alright with you...

Failing Date Edit

  • Is there something wrong? Do you not like spending time with me?
  • No worries. Perhaps tomorrow would be a brighter day.
  • I'm a little disappointed, but it's alright.
  • I'm getting the sense you're a little out of sync today.
  • Oh well, we should be on our way anyway... things to do...
  • I don't feel like you're being very mindful of my needs.

Pre-date quotes Edit

Accepting a Date Edit

  • Oh, are you sure? Yes, of course I'll go!
  • Alright! This will be a good chance to get to know each other better.
  • Yes! I'd like that a lot. I'm looking forward to it!
  • Good idea! I'm going to run and get ready.
  • Well... I don't think I have anything going on. Alright, let's go out!
  • That sounds lovely. I can't wait!

Inventory Full Edit

  • "Whoops! It looks like you have too many things taking up space in your inventory."
Location Quote
Hot Springs “It's so peaceful here... very relaxing.”
Scenic Overview “Hey, you know about this spot too!? Sometimes, I come up here to think.”
Ice Rink "I just keep picturing myself falling on my butt."
Outdoor Lounge "It's like our own private oasis! I'm glad to be here with you..."
Corkscrew Carnival "Whatever we do, just keep me away from all the junk food."
Vinnie's Restaurant "Fancy... I can't believe we didn't have to make a reservation."
Tennis Courts "If I win, you're buying us lunch! Good luck!"
Hiking Trail “Mmm... don't you just love the misty morning air?”
Botanical Garden “Wow, it's lovely! What a beautiful garden.”
Gold Falls Casino “This is so exciting! I hope I don't get too carried away...”
Farmer's Market “Ohhh! The market! What a fun idea.”
Water Park "I think people are staring at me... What did I tell you about this bikini!"

Cutscenes Edit

Meeting Aiko Edit

  • Good morning, Aiko.
  • What's wrong? Seems like bothering you.
  • How are classes going?
  • Mmmmm...well. I think I have just the thing. I'm headed to the beach to work on a few poses. You should join me. Nothing like a little exercise to melt that stress away.
  • Will I at least be seeing you this weekend at the studio?
  • Great! Can't wait. See you there.

Meeting Beli Edit

  • Are you serious?
  • Try what on? There's nothing here.
  • Oh my...*sighs* alright. Just...make sure nobody else is around.
  • Jess, I can't wear this!
  • Cute?
  • The world will be just fine without my...boobs.
  • I'm not going anywhere in this. I'm changing back.
  • What!? Huh? Ohhh, jeez. Hi, sorry, ummmmm... I'm so embarrassed right now. My friend made me put this stupid thing on, sorry. One second, let me go change.
  • Somehow, I'm not so sure I believe that.
  • Really? No. You think so? I don't know...
  • It's a little revealing. Don't you think?
  • I don't want people to think... I'm like that, you know?
  • *chuckles* Shut up. You know what I mean.
  • Soooo.....are you saying I have it, then?
  • *gasps* You jerk! *laughs*
  • Hmm... well, I guess it's not that bad... I mean, if you're really saying you like it...
  • Oh, and, hi. The person inside of the bikini you're talking to; her name is Beli. *giggles*

Beli's quotes from HunieCam Studio Edit

When Hired Edit

  • "I'm kind of nervous."

When Recruited Edit

  • "Me?"

When Checking Her Profile Edit

  • “Good to see you!”
  • "Feeling well?"
  • “How can I help?”

When Giving Her an Item Edit

  • “Oh my.”
  • “Ok then!”

When Making Her Work Edit

  • “Be happy to!”
  • “Ok, then.”
  • “Here goes nothing.”

When Completing a Task Edit

  • “That was fun.”
  • "All done I think."
  • “I’m finished.”

When Stressed/ Building is Full Edit

  • “Sorry!”
  • “Afraid not.”